Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random updates

It has been awhile and although life seems pretty mundane around here we have had some moments to remember.  
First up, Caleb hurt his knee at school about 2 weeks ago and was given crutches to help slow him down until his knee healed.  He was jumping rope at school when his knee locked up on him and he could not move it or walk on it.  At times I had to remind him that the crutches were not a toy but a tool to help his knee.  No one knows exactly what happened but the doctor said to use the crutches.  His knee is finally feeling better now and he can move around without the crutches.  
While Caleb was still on crutches he participated in the Pine Wood Derby for our ward.  He had fun designing the car and painting the car, but sanding the car was TORTURE for him.  He says that next year he is just making a replica of the Knight Bus from Harry Potter, just so he does not have to sand at all.  He named his car The American Eagle and won a prize for the best named car. He enjoyed the night and although his car did not win for speed he was pleased with how it turned out.

Lastly, our garden is planted and already producing beautifully.  My boys (mainly William) have been enjoying the strawberries from our garden and Peter is so excited that there are apples growing on our tree.  He is a big fan of apples.  We even have peaches on our peach tree and we are anxiously waiting to watch it all grow some more.

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