Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother Nature's surprises

We took a trip to Scofield for Memorial Day weekend.  It was planned to be fun with kids getting wet and fun had by all.  What was not planned was to have wind the entire time and then to wake up to snow on Sunday morning.  No thank you, Mother Nature!  But kids being kids, mine made the most of it and had fun anyway.
 Cute Miss Haley standing on the dock and taking the sights in.  It was so windy that one little kid even got blown off his dock when he was trying to fish.  But my kids were fine, they just needed to wear jackets and hats and pants the whole time.
An example of my kids having fun even though the weather was awful.  Peter and Haley had a blast playing in this very long grass.  Then when it started to hail Peter played his own game of, I do not think I can even begin to describe it.  He was pretending the hail was something and killing it and swatting it out of the sky....  The point is he had a great time.  And so did Caleb.  They did not care that it snowed at least 4 times while we were there, they were at the cabin and were determined to have fun.
 The scene that I woke up to Sunday morning.  Not what you expect for summer time fun.  We even took a trip down to Price to get away from the bad weather.  The boys had fun seeing some of places that Rob and I lived and hung out.
We even went to the farm that I grew up on and I shared some childhood memories of growing up there.  Fun is where you find it, as long as you are prepared for a few surprises now and then.

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