Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bro-Sis Day

I love these kids!  No matter the hassle or frustration, these kids are so cool!  Today was such a fun celebration of them, being siblings and being together.  It was great!  Let me tell you about it:
Our shirts for the year and they turned out so cute!  
I think it just helps bring them together a little bit more to be walking around as a team.  And it sure makes for a smile on my face to see them riding their bikes to school telling each other they are great friends and feeling proud to be in their shirts.  
 After school they were able to make their crowns.  Peter wore his the rest of the day and Caleb obliged for the picture.  I think he may be getting too old for this tradition.  Haley totally snubbed the crown but loved gluing it together.
 Rob got tickets to the Bees game from work and what a fabulous Bro-Sis Day activity.  We had such fun cheering on the team and hanging out.  What made it even more perfect was that all the boys were able to get a ball from the night.
Every time the opposing team was at bat their first base coach came out looking for a kid to give a ball to.  Willy was the first of our three that he approached.  It was funny.  You can see Peter talking to the coach in the picture above.  The coach first said that he would give the ball to the kid if the kid would cheer for his team instead of the Bees.  Then he rattled off all sorts of advice and funny things to say.  Among the few that Rob heard were: remember to put the toilet seat down, do your homework right after school, don't play video games, don't use a cell phone, remember to give your mom a card on mother's day, clean your room, eat your fruits and veggies.  It was awesome!  So, when Willy was up there talking to the man and getting his ball Willy's face was blank.  He had no idea what this guy was saying to him.  He just stood there until the guy was finished then proudly came back with his ball.  Caleb got a foul ball thrown to him by the Bees' first base coach, so he did not talk to the other team's guy.  After Caleb got his ball Peter really wanted one.  He was worried he would not get a ball, and so was I.  I told him to watch for the coach to come out next time they were at bat and just maybe he would notice Peter.  As luck would have it, Peter got his ball!  I was so happy for him and relieved!  I kind of would like to say it was his awesome crown or that all 4 of our kids were wearing their cool shirts, but he called Peter up and gave him the talkin' to.  Peter was so happy to have his ball.
 Here they are right after Peter got back with his ball.  Caleb and William also got their balls signed by the bee, Bumble.  It was such a fun game!
When we got home I had one more fun little present for them, finger lights.  They had a blast with them, stayed up too late playing with the lights and fighting off bad guys, and went to sleep excited and happy.  That is how a holiday should end.  It was terrific!  

I wrote this poem for my boys a few years ago and I think it still holds true, even though we have added a sister to the mix.  I think this poem sums up why we celebrate Bro-Sis Day.  It is to make them strong, to help them remember that they love each other, even when someone will not share.  It is to help them remember that their family is the most important and the coolest of all.  I love my family and I know they love each other.  Today was a good reminder of that.

We are three brothers
together in this family,
sent from Heaven above to live in unity.

We may laugh or cry
we may fight and play,
but together as brothers forever we'll stay.

As we grow up and move along,
we can be friends and keep each other strong.
For when the day comes and Jesus is here,
we as three brothers will stand up and cheer!

We will be ready to choose the right.
We will be ready to follow Christ's light.
And as we three brothers stay strong in God's love,
we will be ready to dwell in Heaven above. 

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