Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let it be known, I expect much

This picture is proof that Caleb, and some of his other team mates, did their duty tonight.  See those storm clouds in the distance?  You can bet it rained on us.  See that mud, you can bet it made for a better second half than the first.
The first half was poor.  There was more jogging and standing than I have ever seen!  These kids were not trying.  Midway through first half coach put Caleb in as goalie.  I ran up to help him with the jersey and gloves and I strictly told him, "I expect to see grass stains, mud stains and even a few wounds."  I then took hold of his cheeks and said, "do it!"  He did it.  He made some great saves and by the end of the first half his knee was green with grass.
Second half it started to rain and the shorts and both knees got muddy.  He told me at half-time that he was making those saves for me.  He is an awesome soccer player.  Then in the shower tonight he informed me that he even had a scrape on his knee.  That is how a goalie takes it.
Plus my other three studs, children, were pretty darn tough.  It is hard having me as a mom at a soccer game.  They pretty much have to fend for themselves while I holler it up.  Peter was awesome and played his own soccer game on the sidelines.  Willy toughed it out through the rain.  And Haley sat there through it all, rain and cheering, and cheered right alongside me.  Soccer is awesome, especially when you give it your all.

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