Friday, August 31, 2012

Uno, Dos, Tres... Back to School we go

First day of school.  Ready and excited.
Caleb's teacher, Miss Medina.
Peter had to wait an extra day but it finally came.  He was so excited and ready to see what his Spanish class would really be like.
This is such a cute picture of Peter being sweet to William, I could not take it out. 
Peter's teachers.  Mrs. Gruer for English, and Senor Boud for Spanish.

William also got his own back-to-school shirt because he is excited to have school time each day with mom.  He is such sweet little kid, everyday he asks me when we will have school.
There is SO VERY MUCH that these boys have to learn during this school year!  I get slightly overwhelmed just thinking about it.  Their goals for academics, church and just keeping them kids; here's to hoping we can find a balance in it all.

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