Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The last of the best before school

We went Thanksgiving Point Gardens with Grandma Betty and saw a lot of cool, beautiful stuff.

And then there is Scofield.  The pictures speak of the awesomeness that we experienced!
 Kids being silly together.
 Kids actually getting along and loving each other.
 Jumping into the lake, swim races, being brave and William learning to swim.
 Mystery bird #1
Mystery bird #2, resting on our dock several times a week.  
Exploring the wetland area near our cabin.  Sinking in the mud, finding a beaver dam, and being cool.

And then there is the beginning of soccer!  OH, how I love watching these boys play soccer!  Their first games were fabulous!  I have not cheered that loudly since last season.  It is so much fun!  Peter's game was fun even though they lost.  Caleb's game was awesome!  They tied at 2 goals each.  Caleb started at goalie first half, made some good saves, then the second half he was in as fullback and did a terrific job!  And William is obsessed with wearing his own soccer uniform (one of Caleb's old ones) and is upset with me if they are not clean.

 A super, yummy back-to-school snowie!
Our back-to-school, motivational dinner.  There was also bacon involved so Caleb was super happy.

We also took them swimming after dinner and then came home for their blessings.  I hope they are ready for this school year to begin.  Peter is excited and Caleb has mixed feelings.  I also have mixed emotions.  I am excited for the extra time I have with William and Haley to teach them.  But I am bummed that Caleb and Peter will not be such a presence in my day.  Ready or not, it is here and we will make the most of it.

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