Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We all agree, Scofield is the best!

Oh how happy we were to return to Scofield!  To find our cabin safe and smoke free.  To have our lake to play in and rocks to skip, and sand to dig in.  Here are just some of the things we have enjoyed the last two weeks at Scofield.
 Our first picture after the evacuation.  WE ARE BACK!
 Looking for wildlife!  We saw deer, hawks, falcons, turkey vultures, a beaver swimming right past our dock and seeing it up-close, fish jumping, and a large, brown mystery bird that still has to be identified.  
 Beautiful sunsets on the lake.

Being silly together.
 Caleb's rescues from the lake.  Whether it is Peter's hat, Haley's shorts that blow off the dock, toys that are floating out too far - Caleb is our go-to guy.
Finding a whole clan of goslings camped out on our dock.
Having fun, and being together - every day!  Scofield really is the best place to go for the summer, in our humble opinion.  

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