Friday, November 9, 2012

A normal but successful day

On this day of no school we accomplished some very important things.  
 We made our very first snowman of the year.  This is Caleb's very own.  He did it all himself with the cute little face and he was especially proud that he gave the snowman legs. :)
 We made our first batch of delicious snow ice-cream.  This was Haley's first taste and she is a definite lover of snow ice-cream.
 We played in the snow!
Haley discovered she really likes the snow.
 The boys rode a ferris wheel for the first time today and said it was totally fun!  The first time they went up Caleb's face was one giant smile!  Haley was one inch too short to go on the ferris wheel; so she decided to ride the escalator while we waited for the boys.
 The boys petted a stuffed baby skunk and were excited about it.  Okay, maybe this was not the most important of things we did today but I found it interesting that the boys requested that I take their picture with the skunk display.
What a fun day it was.  Hanging out together.  The boys played, they fought, mom cleaned in preparation for the pie party tomorrow, they had fun in the snow!  OH the snow, we are so glad it came and we are happy to have no school days every once in a while.
P.S. Caleb and Peter both had fabulous parent-teacher conferences this past week.  Peter is one of the top students in first grade for math and he is loving Spanish.  Caleb is blowing them away in reading and his Spanish comprehension.  These boys are smart kids.

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