Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving/November creativity

My boys and I enjoy making creative messes together and here are a few of them that we have made the past little while.
Our traditional pine cone turkey family.  Each of us gets a pine cone and decks it out with our own arrangement of feathers.  A favorite Thanksgiving activity for sure.
This year we also made dish towel scarecrows.  The boys got to choose what scraps of fabric we had for the patches and place buttons and what not where they wanted.  Here they are without the hats.
 And here are the scarecrows with the hats.  Peter chose no hat, he is the one that always goes for individuality.  You can also see the little turkey softies we made.  Haley has one too, hers is just missing right now.
 Peter is very, very proud of his turkey hat and Native American necklace that he made in school.  
And we cannot forget the yummy food we have made and consumed.  Our second annual pie party was a success.  Our family contributed lemon tarts, chocolate mouse tarts, raspberry mouse, strawberries and cream, and Caleb's favorite home made pumpkin pie with the fun fall tree.
We made yummy rice krispy treat turkeys.
Finally, last night for dinner we made turkey waffles.  Yummy and fun to look at.
And last but not least, Thanksgiving Day we made our fun Native American vests for Caleb and William and a cute turkey hat for Miss Haley.  So cute.  Caleb decorated his with all sorts of symbols and fun sayings.
And we made more yummy treats.  A delicious cherry pie and pilgrim hat cookies.  Yeah for celebrating with food and paper, life is just too much fun sometimes.  I am not sure how the turkey will turn out but I know the desserts will be tasty.

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