Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our turkey family, through the years

I need to document this somehow to remember how cool our family is, and to see how we have grown.  I am not sure when we started this, but 2008 is the most recent photo I can find.  We are awesome!
 2008; Caleb is the King Turkey (with all of the feathers) and William was just a baby so he has the tiny one.
 2009; we opted for pipe cleaners this year.
 2010; Haley is the newest turkey addition and thus, the smallest.
 2011; Rob and Peter went with a vision this year.  Rob was the guy working on feet and pipe cleaner head for his masterpiece.  Peter refused to put any feathers on his and when we started calling it the meat he went with his own vision.  He cut out a fork, knife and plate for his turkey and called it original.
2012; again more individuality and vision.  Rob's turkey is known as the angel turkey to the kids.  And Peter chose to use all owl feathers and make his an owl, complete with a nest and owlets who had just hatched.  We have such a great family, no matter the differences we are awesome!

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