Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random fun for February

So, lets get caught up on life.  February has been fun and eventful.
 This is Peter giving me the thumbs up.  Why?  Because he tried and liked some yummy peanut butter balls I made for a treat.  Why is this important?  Because this is the first home baked treat that I have made and Peter actually liked it.  Caleb and William will eat my home made items but Peter usually turns his nose in the air and walks away.  But on this momentous day, he tried it and liked it.
 Here are my three pomegranate buddies.  Caleb in this instance turns his nose in the air and refuses to eat the delicious pomegranate.  But that is ok by us because we love it!  Pictured here is the last of the last pomegranates of the year.  I told them to savor every bite because there would be no more until next Christmas time.  So sad.
We made a trip to the aviary so Caleb could do some scout stuff and we could see some cool looking birds.  It was slightly cold, snowy, but we were 5 of 10 other people there and it was a free day so all was great.

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