Friday, February 22, 2013

While we play

Rob has been doing a lot of time at work with a project that is due.  So, while he is at work these kids have come up with some fun ways to play.
 On Presidents Day the boys played Harry Potter all day long.  They started off with potions class where they gathered stuff from outside, inside, rice or fruit loops and made potion after potion.
 Later on they got their "brooms" and went out for a quidditch match.  Caleb and Haley were throwing bludgers and Peter (aka Harry) and William (aka Wood) were dodging them and scoring points and looking for the snitch.  Fabulous use of their time on a holiday.
 We got to play in the snow today while the boys were at school and William built the most adorable snowman you have ever seen.
 Here he is proudly showing it off.  He did it all on his own while I was making my own snowball.  Did I mention that it was the cutest thing ever?  So awesome!
Peter came home today sporting this snazzy hat.  It is his George Washington birthday hat and he looks pretty awesome in it.  He loves these school projects.  Peter has also been learning the "50 Nifty United States" song in school.  Just a few minutes ago he got mad at me and said, "I wish you lived in Alabama!"  Way to remember your states bud.  The rest of our weekend will be spent with probably more Harry Potter, some crafty/sewing projects and cursive, cursive, cursive for Caleb.  He has a lot of cursive to do before school on Monday.  What a bunch of party animals we are.

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