Thursday, February 14, 2013

The best of birthdays, so far

Saying goodbye to 6!
 In this picture Peter is saying, "Feliz Cumpleanos a yo!" Happy Birthday to me!
 Peter's birthday consisted of going to school, eating licorice with his classmates and being the captain of the class for the day.  I had packed some of his favorite things for lunch and wrapped each of them up to look like a present.  Pretty fun.  The jersey you see him wearing was his birthday present, along with a nerf gun and some snow globes.  For a family activity we headed to the aquarium to see the fish.
 While we were there we tried to communicate with the penguins.
 Fell in love with the baby sea-horses.
 Discovered some enormous river fish from the Amazon or somewhere.  They were huge!
Found the river otters and watched them zip around.
Spent a lot of time at the touching pool where we were able to touch a small gray shark, a bat ray and here Caleb is getting what he called a "hug from a sea urchin."  At least that is what they said it was.
It was super fun.  Peter has a love for all things Harry Potter and examining plants and flowers.  He loves to play with his brothers, but can often be found alone and happily enjoying his own game either consisting of Harry Potter, football or feeding some toy animal a plant he is tearing up.  He loves learning Spanish and Math at school and enjoys coming home and trying to teach his new found knowledge to William or Haley.  He is an awesome kid, sometimes difficult to figure out, but very sweet in his heart and intentions.  Happy 7!

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