Saturday, May 4, 2013

Family/Cousin Time

Emily's wedding meant that all the cousins got to come together and play.  They loved it!  They were able to play at the park together and come to our house a couple of times to chase each other around and do what boys (and girls) do.  It was great.  I cannot forget to mention one of Peter's memories that he wants to remember.  So, while I was at the church helping to decorate for Emily's wedding Peter and Caleb stayed at Granny's to play with the cousins.  I soon received a text from Uncle Jonathan that Peter's tooth finally came out.  The tooth that would not come, the tooth that was hanging on by a thread and Peter would not pull it, finally came out.  In Peter's own words he wrote, "Caleb was chasing after Douglas and Douglas' head hit me.  My tooth was so wiggly, I wiggled some more, and it came out! I began to cry because it hurt a lot but I was excited too."  Peter insisted on giving Douglas a nickel for helping him get the tooth out.  What great times!
Other good times to remember:  I, Diedre, pulled out the shrinky dinks and they all made each other little key chain pictures.  They had such fun drawing ninja tornados and other different things for one another.
 I, Diedre, also got the brilliant idea that they would enjoy tie-dying shirts that they could have and wear when they were home, knowing that their cousin had one too.  Dying them was less that fun.  14 kids and 4 adults was just a bad ratio.
 But seeing them run around in the shirts and being together was fun.  We will miss these kids when they are at home but I think they will remember Emily's wedding and all the fun they had together as cousins.  The Gray Family is AWESOME!

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