Monday, October 14, 2013

Birthday Girl

Little Miss Haley turned three years old, and this is how we lived it up...
 On Haley's last day of being two Caleb decided to try and teach her the crab walk.  He was somewhat successful.  Brothers are awesome, when they are nice. 
 Even though Haley says her favorite color is pink, she insisted on a blue cake for her birthday.  She also loves flowers.  So, I combined the two and made her a blue cake with lots of colorful flowers.  It was yummy and pretty, she liked it.
 Haley's birthday flowers.
 Haley was fortunate enough to spend the morning watching her brothers play soccer.  It was a mighty cold and windy morning so she spent most of it bundled up.  But she did make room for Swedish fish, the playground, and watching her brothers do awesome.
 Upon coming home she had lots of grandparents that came to visit and bestow gifts.  She received so many fun things.  She was a bit tired because of no nap, and she does not do well with a lot of attention  on her, but she enjoyed playing with each of the things.
 She loved this dress she got and wanted to put it on right away.  Then she was ready for some blue cake.  But she did not want to be sung to, that was made very clear.
After all the grandparents left she got to work on painting a birdhouse.  Then she ate some chicken, cucumber and yellow pepper for dinner.  After that she was ready for bed and got to snuggle up in her new, soft as a cloud, pink blanket.  A great way to end the day.
What can I say about this girl?  She is beautiful. Her hair is long, golden and curly.  Her blue eyes are beautiful and her smile is so sweet.  She loves to read, loves to play with her brothers (especially William), and is all girl.  Pink, dresses, talking with her toys...  Then only things she does not like are when her brothers tease her, the doctor, too much attention, and combing her hair.  OH, and she really likes to sing but do not acknowledge that you like her singing, because then she will stop singing.  Happy Birthday, Little Miss.  We are glad you are here.

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