Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happiness is...playing soccer in the rain

Even if there is pelting ice mixed in the rain, it is still happiness.  I love me some good sports, especially when there are awesome kids playing hard and having fun.  I wish I had a picture to show for tonight.  I could post a picture from another game, but that would not do it justice.  And I could have pulled the camera out of the bag, if I had remember it was there.  But every time I have tried to take a picture of Caleb someone scores on him, so I have just stopped.  Plus, I was shielding my face from ice at the time that it would have been really awesome to take a picture so, yeah, the camera did not happen tonight.
But it was fun!  I ran the two youngest to the truck and they hunkered down there for the rest of the rainy, windy, cold game.  Peter was a trooper and stuck it out on field with me.  And the whole team was awesome.  When coach pulled them out they wanted to go right back in.  Caleb made some great saves, the defense helped Caleb keep it at zero, and the offense actually did great at passing and scoring.  All in the rain, with a time of pelting ice in the face, and more rain following that.  My favorite save tonight was when Caleb game out of the goal box to dive on the ball, even with a gray/opposing team member charging at him.  I love it when he shows no fear in his playing, but just puts his heart into it.  And I know that he likes it best when he plays that way too.  One more game to go.  I hope it is just as exciting and fearless.

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