Monday, October 28, 2013

The To-Do list for today, 28 Oct 2013

  • Wake kids up
  • Make lunches for kids
  • Take kids to school
  • Take William to doctor to x-ray broken foot
  • Get William a boot for said broken foot
  • Give Haley a nap
  • Clean house for pie party on Saturday
  • Get kids from school
  • Homework
  • Let kids mess up house again
  • Dinner
  • Bed
  • Clean house more

Not much for your typical day, right?  Oh wait, did you check out item #4 on the list?  Yeah, you read it right, broken foot - William - x-ray.  BOOO!  
So, after church yesterday the boys were having a wonderful time jumping in the leaves.  A lot of leaves!  The pile was huge!  At around 6:30pm  I hear William crying.  Peter told me he hurt his foot somehow while jumping.  I got William out of the pile and had him take a few steps.  But he was crying too much so I picked him up and carried him inside.  He wanted some water, a blanket and to be cozy on the couch.  After about 15 minutes I took a look at his foot and there was some concern.  It was swollen, a bump on the top of it and he could not put pressure on the foot.  Hummm.  Some would think broken.  We talked about it and decided to wait through the night until we could go to the doctor's office and avoid the Sunday night copay at the emergency room.
Leading to today...  Doctor saw foot, told us to go to the x-ray department downstairs, and take some photos with the "superman camera" as I affectionately called it.  We went to the x-ray tech only to wait an hour to finally find out that yes our insurance company would cover the x-ray.  Got the x-ray, went back to the doctor and he said... it might be broken.  Grrr!  They cannot really see from the x-ray.  So, we will treat it as if it is broken.  Got the "ninja boot", the "power boot", the "grumpy boot"...whatever you want to call it, William is not happy with the new piece of equipment he gets to wear for the next two weeks.  Think Halloween parade at school or trick-or-treating with this boot along as company.  Someone is not excited.
Then we go back, get another photo from the "superman camera" (aka, x-ray) and see what that says.
All in a day's work.

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