Monday, May 4, 2015


Last Monday our week looked CRAZY!!!  But it ended beautifully and not at all bad.  So, the week's headliners were: goalie camp, help Granny, soccer practice, pine wood derby, SAGE testing, choir practice, soccer practice, help grandparents, goalie camp, 2 choir performances and soccer games.  Lots of driving, lots of supporting, lots of hard work.  And we pulled it all off, with only a few tantrums and several late nights. 
 Peter's pine wood derby car was ready to go by Monday.  Good deal!  And he had fun racing it, he was happy when it placed 2nd several times.  We are not professional derby car builders over here, but it did not lose.  Happy people here.
 Because of our many trips downtown we stopped off at Temple Square to see the beautiful flowers that were in bloom.  There were so many colors and flowers to look at. This beautiful girl loved it all!
William did a fantastic job at his soccer game on Saturday. He was running the entire game, and if he was not stopping the ball at defense he was running ahead of the crowd as a forward. Surprised all of us!
 Seems like Caleb is always the center of something, at it is all good stuff.  He did terrific at each of his goalie camps.  And the culmination of months and months of practice came this weekend when he performed with the Salt Lake Children's Choir at the First Presbyterian Church. It was beautiful to listen to and so special to see him up there, doing his best.  So many nights he and Rob have practiced together, filling our house with high notes, some struggles, and most of all beautiful times to hear his songs.  So many days, we took him to practice and waited while he sang and sang.  Caleb has some awesome and very supportive siblings.
The church he preformed in was beautiful with the stained glass windows.  And even though Caleb had a few comical moments of the concert: like when he stepped back too far on the riser and fell, during the performance.  Or when he had to exert self-control and not sneeze after a song or ignore several itches in the middle of a song. Or that kid who was so into the music that his head bobbed the entire performance (he was very expressive) and he stood in front of Caleb for half the performance.  Or those girls who tried to get Caleb to dance along to a rather up-beat song, but Caleb did his best to ignore them.  He is such an awesome kid!  The last number brought tears to my eyes, to think about how wonderful this experience has been for him.  Do not get me wrong, many times I questioned our sanity at signing him up for it and giving him (and us) the extra work load.  But the pay-offs were sweet and rewarding.  It was beautiful and special and I am thankful for the experience.  And so is Caleb.

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