Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Birthday time!

This sweet, tender-hearted boy turned 7 this past weekend.  He was not excited to turn 7, he liked 6 a lot. But when the festivities began he realized that birthdays are fun, no matter the age.
Rainbow cupcakes.  Funny thing, he prefers them without frosting.
 We went to the Utah Museum of Natural History with Steve and had a fun time.  They had activities that the kids could do like make masks and comb sheep wool.  It was a good time.
 View of the city with some cool people.
Amazing displays of animals and dinosaurs and cool things to learn and discover.
 A few of the boy's fun presents.  Not pictured, the basketball that he has been dribbling ever since.
Another little treat. They found a baby bunny at the cabin that was fun to watch.
William is a sweet little boy.  Hates getting up in the morning and getting ready for school, hates doing homework and hates getting ready for bed at night.  Basically avoids serious, responsible stuff and just wants to play and chill.  Enjoys reading but enjoys playing the game even more.  We love this little boy, his sweet smile, fun hugs, playful side and the little notes he brings you daily.

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