Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The heart of a soccer player

Wow!  What a hard game Caleb and his team just got done playing.  It was a constant attack at Caleb and his defense for an hour.  We barely even had a chance to take a shot at goal, the other team was so tough.  By the end of the game at least 6 of our players were playing hurt and it was all they could do to finish, but they did.  This team does not quit.  I watched as Caleb went from an extremely difficult and deflating first half, to keeping the second half clean for 25 straight minutes.  I watched as the captain of his team was in tears on the field because his ankle hurt so bad, but he was not giving up; a heart of gold.  These kids are amazing at their ability to give it their all and not back down.  They are awesome!  Even though the loss was hard to take, I consider them winners, they gave it their all.

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