Monday, May 18, 2015

Comings and Goings, Memories and Fun

 So, Mother's Day happened.  It was fun and enjoyable to be together.  But is was also work intensive.  This was my fault.  I, Diedre, heard of this fundraising idea of selling chocolate dipped strawberries for Mother's Day.  Caleb is in need of raising funds for competition soccer and scouts.  Hence, we let our friends and family know about this gift idea for moms.  Several days later we were found dipping hundreds of strawberries and making batches of fudge for the fundraiser.  It was very helpful for Caleb, he enjoyed the process and yeah, that was the beginning of a busy Mother's Day weekend for us.  The more enjoyable part of the weekend was going swimming with the family and being happy with each other.
 Our family at Heartland Elementary has had the extreme pleasure of participating in the Spanish Immersion program for the past 6 years.  The teachers are the most wonderful and excellent you can find.  Each of our boys have learned so much. It is a fabulous thing to be a part of.  The Spanish teachers put together the most incredible cultural night that took place at the school.  Over 600 people attended and it was amazing!  Each grade did a dance or song and it was so much fun.  Above you can see some of the cutest first graders around, plus some third graders that wanted to be as cool.
 Caleb's 6th grade class performed a dance with the 1st graders.  Very fun to watch.

Two of the most fabulous teachers you will ever find.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about these people!  Señorita Robles looked beautiful, she is William's teacher.  Oh what a sweet, wonderful person she is.  Señor Meza is Caleb's teacher and he is simply awesome!
 On to other memories and fun and adventures.  After one of Caleb's choir practices we took a trip to Sugarhouse park.  We found ducklings and fed them crackers.  Such a cute little gathering of ducklings.
 Along the way each of my boys decided to wade into the slimy pond water and slip in up to their chests.  I know, I am an excellent mother.  The best has yet to come.  As these adventure seeking boys slipped and slid in the muck, Caleb found a dead rat floating in the water.  A rather large dead rat.  Well, that put a damper on things.  Immediately they got out of the water, we got in the truck and we discussed how scrubbing showers would be taken by each child upon arriving at home.  But there was one more pit-stop when we found some mock battles going on in the park by knights and other medieval people.  Yes, I am a mother who tries to subject her children to quality and educational experiences.
 Lastly, this Saturday we had a fun and wet day at the soccer fields.  Caleb's team proved yet again how fabulous they are.  We arrived at the field, warmed up and got ready to play.  Suddenly the team trots off the field and informs us that the other team forfeited!  The other team only had 7 players and the just decided that they did not want to play.  What?  So, our awesome coach (I mean it this guy is gold!) said, "lets just scrimmage."  Perfect.  We were all there already, why not play.  While this "mock-game" was going on, Peter was playing on a different field.  Made a save as goalie, he scored a goal and his team won 11-0!  Wahoo!  Later in the day William also played a game in the rain and drizzle.  Although he was a bit of a slower player, and I got after him for his lack of aggression, he also scored a goal and we went out for ice cream cones.  Good deal!

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