Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Tradition.  It is awesome!  It is fun!  It is so cool!!!!!
We went to the Lehi rodeo this year.  The bucking broncos were fun to watch.  The Barrel Racers were amazing, and fast, and are always one of the best!!!!  The bull riders were ok, 2 made it to the 8 second buzzer and they were great rides.  The scoring of the riders was a little off, but we still cheered loud for the rider that we thought did the best. The monkeys dressed as cowboys that rode dogs were subpar.  Not nearly as cool.  But when you combine the excitement of the rodeo and motocross......
It is so AWESOME!!!!!!!  Not kidding, late at night; after you have been cheering on all these cowboys and animals and had so much fun....then you get to watch these freaking brave and crazy dirt bike riders flip and do tricks and be awesome!  It is exciting and fun and super cool.
Plus, Haley was lucky enough to have three of the rodeo queens sign an autograph for her as we were leaving and that just made her night.  Such a fun time as a family!

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