Thursday, June 2, 2016

Soccer, soccer, end of school, soccer, sew, soccer, end of school, clean, clean, clean, soccer.....

Yeah, so instead of the "thought for the week" idea....I am just randomly putting my thoughts out there right now.  Crazy, it is so time for me to be in bed, I have a million things to do.  But here are the thoughts of the week.  Soccer tryouts started this week.  Caleb has done well.  He tried out for 2 different teams, Glory and USA.  He did so well, giving it his all and went for it.  Tonight, coach (from Glory) offered him a position on the team.  He will do well.  It will be a HARD year.  We are playing up a year, not sure if that is the best decision but we are going with the team and coach.  Caleb has A LOT of work ahead of him, and we have a lot of cheering to do.
End of school is this week and we are ready.  The house may not be ready for everyone to be home, together.... but we are ready for no homework, no "having" to get up, no rushing out the door.  The boys have had some great teachers.  We are saying goodbye to Señora Moya, tomorrow night she flies off for the Galapagos Islands, to her next teaching position.  What great opportunities by children have had to learn from her and Mrs. Gruer!
Sewing, in an effort to help Caleb raise some much needed soccer funds I am making some projects for people who have so generously and kindly purchased them.  But, boy am I ready to just go to bed.  However, there is more stitching to do and more cleaning to do.....We have a baptism on Saturday!!!! And a soccer meeting at the exact same time.  Rah, rah, rah..GOOOOO Us.!

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