Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Best Place On Earth

Some may argue with that.  Some may say Disney-themed locations, or a cruise or on and on.  But for this little family....Scofield is our Happy Place.  A place that cannot compare.  It is perfect!
I know, I know.  You are saying, Diedre.  Every summer we get bombarded with pictures from Scofield.  Give it a break!  NO WAY!  This place is magical.  Going out to see wildlife is amazing.  Sure, my kids act quite wild in the truck sometimes while we are out looking for deer or foxes or "mystery" birds, but it is all in the memories and fun.  Plus, this week's cool moment was when we stopped off to get a closer look at the blue heron's nesting site, up in the tippy tops of the trees.  Funny moment, when William spotted a herd of deer, way up on the mountain.  It was not until we saw hundreds of said "deer" then heard the calls of "maaaa, maaaa" - yeah, we found a herd of sheep.
 Look at that!  Tell me, anything more fun on a hot summer day than jumping in the lake?  And surrounded by that beauty!
 Each of the boys received a youth kayak from Grandpa Terry.  They love them!  And Haley loves her little pink tube!
 They took those kayaks everywhere in just a few days.  Across the lake a few times, over to the ranger station, even turned them into paddle boards and had so much fun together.
That is one reason I LOVE the cabin.  They are together.  No screen time trying to distract them from exploring and playing together.  Using their imagination and being happy together.  Here they are, coming up with one of their plant games.  Just up the road from our cabin, having fun with each other.

And the COOLEST, most AWESOME moment happened this morning.  I am not kidding!  This was like the coolest thing the whole campsite saw this morning.  So, I walked out of the cabin at 7:30am, strolled down to the dock and saw a deer walking along the rocks.  I ran in to tell the boys that were awake to come look.  All of a sudden when we got back down there, THE DEER WAS SWIMMING ACROSS THE LAKE!!!!!  Seriously, how many of us have seen that?  I think it got spooked by some fishermen that were on the rocks and the deer just got out of there.  Well, this was not something to be missed by the sleeping kids still in the cabin.  I ran in, woke them from their deep slumber, and we all watched as this deer paddled across the lake.  Yeah, terrible photo, but that little, tiny dot in the middle of the lake is that deer.  Man, you could tell she got tired halfway through and wondered if her decision was wise.  But she made it across.  One more reason I love Scofield.  This place has provided us so many chances to see the beauty around us and do it together.  Happy Summer!

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