Saturday, June 18, 2016

The week with no photos

So, Caleb went off to scout camp at the beginning of last week.  Just got home.  He came home exhausted, drained emotionally, and hurt.  His feet got really beaten up over the week, so much so that he took a trip to the camp medic to get some relief.  But he also came home victorious!  He earned his archery merit badge, which according to him was "so hard."  Even his scout master said that he could tell Caleb was so discouraged.  Caleb told me that he took a break, went and built a little mountain out of tiny rocks, kind of time to regroup.  After that, he went back and shot a few more arrows and got the score he needed.  Goes to show, with determination, hard work and sometimes taking a step back to recharge, you can do anything.  He also had a lot of fun on the waterfront and did the polar bear plunge 3 times.  He is a cool kid.
The rest of us had a good week at the cabin.  It was really windy for the most part. So, it was tough to get out and have fun without being cold or blown away.  But we did our best.  The boys took some trips on their kayaks.  They played in the mud and Peter made a cool mud castle.  We went out for a small hike and saw a deer on the trail.  Peter and William enjoyed a few games of street hockey, where the equipment was sticks and rocks they had found.  We even saw bald eagle sitting on some rocks them swoop through the air.  Pretty cool!

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