Thursday, November 24, 2016

Adding to the gratitude

 I am thankful that I still had some fresh fruit for a fun breakfast this morning.  I am also thankful that my kids still let me be silly and somehow like my play on food.  They may not always like the food I make, but usually when it is special occasions like this, they go with it.
Haley is so thankful for Grandpa Terry and his Thanksgiving dinner.   I am thankful for my dad who is so good with my kids.  He always makes extra rolls for dinner, because he knows the Gray boys will eat a lot.  My dad made 6 dozen rolls for dinner tonight!  He also brought over extra ham, yams and frog eye salad for Haley because she said she loved it and wished she had gotten more.  My dad is also amazing because he was able to get Peter and William to come into the house for dinner, when they refused to do so for me.  Pretty thankful for patient people who care and love.

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