Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful for many things

 Last night gave me an early chance to be thankful for a few things.  SNOW!  Love it.  And so do my kids.  We were all thankful that the windy, blustery weather brought a little snow to play in.
 Haley had a lot of fun making this snowman.  She is so cute!  I was thankful that the rest of the boys came out to play in the snow.  It was perfect packing snow.  A little too perfect.  The boys started making a bunch of snowballs to have all at once in their snowball fight.  But boy those babies hurt if you got hit in close range.  So, I was VERY THANKFUL when a rather hard snowball got me square in the glasses and face that my glasses did not break.  My nose hurt a little, but my glasses were fine! Thankful I still have glasses today.
I am thankful that even though we get grumpy, we can still forgive and be happy again.  Yesterday morning pretty much everyone got a taste of someone else's temper, and it was not pretty.  But we forgave and still had fun.  Then last night, same hard snow made a couple of boys grumpy when they got hit too hard.  Yet, somehow through talk, hugs, some snow ice cream (yum) and making a snowman, things were forgiven and people were happy.
I am thankful for a warm house that provided us shelter from the cold.  I am thankful that Peter told me about his prayers last night and he has such a good heart, just sometimes he gets misunderstood.  And I am thankful for a family that is trying to make the best of everyday.

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