Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November flew by....

So, it is the end of November, almost.  We have been busy.  We have been working on things.  Like another fundraiser for the Gray Soccer Club.  Or working out the fine details of Caleb's Eagle, it is getting so close, I hope it all works out.  Taking Haley to dance and William and Peter to scouts.  Of course there is always homework. The few things we have documented in this month are as follows.....not to say that November is not exciting, just that the camera is less important.
Soccer is of course on the schedule.  Right now we have Peter and Caleb doing indoor.  William will start after the first of the year.  Peter's team is of course rocking it!  Caleb's team has had some really great games lately, they have actually won their last three!  The fun part is that Caleb plays keeper first half and then coach has him on field second half.  I love the change up!  Caleb has had some great saves as keeper, and great plays as field.  HE EVEN SCORED A GOAL!!!!  So cool.

Haley has been keeping herself entertained at home while we do this and that.  She made mini fruit kabobs the other day.
 Took the liberty of decorating the house for Thanksgiving.  She scattered filberts, apples, mini oranges, carrots and dried pasta on the table to give it the first Thanksgiving feel.  She also taped filberts and pasta on the walls of the house to spread the holiday cheer.  She tried to tape up oranges but realized that was not happening.   But A Happy Thanksgiving cheer was felt!
 We did our pinecone turkey family.  Rob went for awesome, as usual.  Peter went for simple.  Caleb turned on his creative juices.  Haley went for colorful, cute and soft.  And William just went for everything.  Diedre, I went for pretty.
 I pulled out the old creative juices this morning and gave the kids small bags of different things for lunch.  With this photo included to say, "build your own turkey lunch."  Hopefully it gives them a smile today.
 Last but not least, I had to document Haley's pink personality.  Yesterday would have been a better picture, but today works just as well.  Yesterday, when the class lined up I noticed the kids had this color scheme going on.  Blue, black, blue, black, black, PINK, blue, black, blue, blue........  Guess who was the pink kid?  Yup, Princess Pink Haley.  Today she does not stand out as much, but she is still there, in all her pink glory.  Pretty awesome sometimes.

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