Thursday, February 23, 2017

8th Grade Science Fair - Testing a Mother's Patience

No, really that was not the science fair project.  But, testing a mother's patience, should be remembered from this science fair.  However, the project did entail boiling eggs.....
 and seeing which additive would yield the best shelled egg.
 Did we mention, lots of eggs were used in the project?  Lots
Well, it was judged at the school level.  He did so well that he went to District Science Fair!!  Woohoo!  Go Caleb!  So, yesterday began part 2 of the science fair project.  Title:
Testing A Mother's Patience
Hypothesis; A mother has unending love and patience for her children
Materials; lots of eggs, lots of time, patience, children and science fair board
Procedure:  The test of patience began in doing the project.  Realizing that the teacher bumped up the due date for the project by a week and we had to get supplies sooner that expected.  Patiently encouraging Caleb to stay on top of all this with all the other homework and soccer was another test in a Mother's Patience.  But the eggs got boiled and shelled.  The board got done and turned in on time.  Whew!
This is where it gets fun.  You see, Caleb was notified last week (before the soccer tournament) that his project (the eggs) was moving on to district.  So awesome!  He would have a meeting on Tuesday after school about what to do.  Tuesday came, meeting happened, Caleb came home saying that district was tomorrow (Wednesday) and we were to go to South Jordan Middle (10200 S.) at 4pm to be judged.  He said that his science teacher would take the board to the school for him and all he had to do was show up with his presentation ready.  Great!
Wednesday.....round 2x25 of a Mother's Patience.  We showed up at the school, on time.  Whew!  But there was no board.  Caleb and I were starting to worry.  But another teacher informed us that Señor B. had gone back to the school to get more board.  Ok.  Did I mention that the school is on 7500 S. and the district science fair is on 10200 S.  That is 10 miles to go back and forth.  But we patiently waited for Caleb's board to show up.  We are getting worried.  At 4:25pm Señor B. shows up, WITHOUT Caleb's board!  AUGH!!!  Señor B. said he did not know he was supposed to bring the board, as he was taking off his lanyard to give me the keys to the school and his room, so that I could go pick up the board.  Really?  Haley and I dashed to the truck, judging had begun and Caleb did not have his board.  It was up to Haley and I to go back to the school, get in the school, find the board in the teacher's closet and dash back to the science fair in time for Caleb to be judged!  We did it!  I found the board, jammed in the teacher's closet with a bunch of other cardboard boxes.  We hurried back to 10200 S. to get Caleb his board so that he could present and judge.  WHEW!  What a test of Haley's patience.  She sweetly helped the whole time, without too much complaining.  After all was said and done we had driven 30 miles round trip (3 trips back and forth from the school) and Caleb was successful.  The judge did have to tell him to breath during his presentation (he was really nervous as first, a rocky way to start district).  The judge however did tell him that she learned a lot and he had done a great job!
Results and Conclusion:  A Mother's Love never ends.  Her children can push her to a breaking point, but the love keeps coming.  A Mother's Patience can be tested, and pushed past breaking point.  Trust me people, there were a few ugly moments along the way.  Moments where I broke, and showed the "psycho" mom side of me.  But we all succeeded!  Caleb got his science fair board, he went to district and he came out with a smile.  Haley was a supportive and patient sister.  Mom pulled through and is willing to help with anything.  Finally, A Mother's Patience will always be tested, hopefully I learn to have more as we go along.

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