Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Books and Eggs

About a week and a half ago the kids at their elementary school started a reading contest.  Every year the school encourages the kids to read as much as possible.  The more minutes you read, the closer the school gets to its goal.  Usually the goal is just a pizza party for the best class and kids, plus some weird assembly where they slam pies in teacher's faces.  My kids read, just to read, not for the prizes.
 This is the beginning tower of books that we started off with from the library.  Lots of books.
 There is the master reader himself.  Hunkered down with a good read and his snack of choice for the day.  He read 6 hours that first day. Lots of minutes.
 So, what about the eggs?  Caleb's science fair project is up for presentation.  He chose to find out which method of boiling eggs would lead to the easiest shelling.  We took 10 eggs per batch.  Had the control (nothing), added baking soda to one, vinegar to another, lemon wedge to another and ice bath for the last.  Caleb discovered one thing for sure, after 50 eggs - you get really good at shelling hard boiled eggs.
 In the end, we have LOTS OF BOILED EGGS and Caleb found that shelling them right after they are cooked (waiting 15 minutes for them to cool) was so much easier than letting them be refrigerated over night.  I will let Caleb tell you which was best though, vinegar or baking soda.
Here is Peter, still reading. Lots of minutes.  And now, he has eggs to eat as his snack of choice.

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