Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Time Together + Legos = Love

So, Valentines Day was yesterday.  Fun times.  Lots of work here and there.  But it was all worth it.  For example, I decided to make Valentine swirl bread.  Take bread dough, mix some red in, mix it all around.  Tadah!  Fun Valentine bread for breakfast in the morning.  However, I had to get up at like 2am to mix the dye in with the dough so it would rise and be ready to cook in the morning.  All good, I also had to get up at that time to finish "heart-attacking" the boys' room.  You see, at like 10pm the West Jordan police squad decided to flash their lights in the circle across the street from us (for like 2 hours), which kept Caleb awake, which made it so I had to delay "heart-attacking" his room.  So, fast forward to the morning; Valentine swirl bread was cooked, rooms were properly decorated for them to wake up feeling loved and happy.  
 Haley came home with a huge stash of Valentines from her class.  Funny story. The day before we were getting all the Valentines ready.  Haley, being a sweet girl wanted to give each classmate 4 things.  I had to break her heart and tell her, we needed stuff for the other boy's and their classes.  I said, usually you just give one thing to each person.  Ok, she conceded.  Well, jokes on me.  These kindergarten parents went crazy, at least some of them.  At least a couple of the kids sent each friend home with a bag of goodies.  Stickers, stamp, candy, tattoo, more candy, eraser......  Yeah, Haley got a lot of stuff.
 Valentine Swirl Bread.  Yummy and fun!
LEGOS!  Ahh, the great unifier of families and fun.  They got some legos for Valentines and man, they had fun together.  Yeah!!!  Love my kids, love my family and LOVE IT when they are all happy together.

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