Tuesday, February 21, 2017

St. George; Fun and Wet

So, this past weekend our family took a trip down to St. George for the Icebreakers Tournament, a soccer tournament for Caleb (round trip: 770 miles!).  But, as with any vacation, we had other stuff on the side.  Different things that should be remembered.  I would say, 4 different chapters to our mini-vacay.  But before we get to that, our trip there was is worth remembering.  Haley and Peter were recognized at school as being the top readers of their grade for the reading contest.  They were very excited!  As we drove to St. George everyone did pretty well. But it was a long trip and Haley at one point lost patience and needed some sleep.  Fortunately, we got past that and arrived happily in St. George.
Chapter 1, plants:
With any vacation we have my kids look for any plants to play with on our down time.  This trip was no different. Soon after we arrived at our motel in St. George the kids went to explore the area close by and soon came back with different plants and berries, got out paper plates and started their games.  It sounds funny, but give them some plants and pipe cleaners and they can have a great time together.
This is what keeps Peter happy away from home.
Chapter 2, St. George Temple:
We figured it would be a good chance for Caleb to visit the St. George Temple while we were so close.  He went with Rob, the evening that we arrived, before all the games began.  It was a good experience for him, a nice time to focus on what matters.
On Sunday after church the other kids got to go walk around the temple as well.  Such good kids!
 Haley, as always, beautiful with the flowers.
Chapter 3, soccer - the main reason we came:
 Can you say WET?  Yes, it was wet.  2 out of our 3 games it rained.  The boys were soaked, and they were loving it!  They actually play pretty well in the rain.  The other game was just muddy.  Caleb played field for each of the games, but that was great!  He did so well, we were so proud to watch him.  He had some great clears, was where he needed to be, had a great header, even helped in the goal box to prevent a few goals.  It was a great experience for him.
 Unfortunately, our team did not win any of the games.  Game 1, we did not do too well.  The other team was just better.  Game 2, was incredible!  The boys were drenched before the game even began. They fought so hard to win.  They had it tied and then the other team scored and we lost 3-2.  But they played like winners.  Game 3, muddy and really early in the morning.  They tried so hard, wanting the win.  But we did not have enough shots on goal to be able to pull it off.  However, our defense and midfield (Caleb played defensive midfield each game) were terrific.  The last game ended 2-1, it was a hard loss but they gave it their best.

Chapter 4 - exploring:
 After the final game we went and checked out of the motel then went to explore a little.  We went to this beautiful red rock climbing area.  It was amazing to look at.  Almost like Arches in St. George.  Haley loved all the little caves and hidey holes.
Peter enjoyed being with Haley and exploring a little.  
  This was where we should have spent all of our down time in St. George.  It is Caleb's playground, Caleb's most perfect type of area to explore and climb and hike and get lost.  William was pretty happy too.  They only thing that made it a down moment was that Caleb had to stay with someone.  It slowed him down and prevented him from embracing the whole place like he wanted to.  But, I hope he still had some fun.  Before he got a bit unhappy, each of the boys climbed this point and were all happy together.
 This particular rocky area looked out over all of St. George.  Great place to explore.
Caleb being Caleb, climbing as high as he can and doing it on his own.  He loves exploring new places.  But it was time to go home.  We could have spent 2 more days there if it had not been for school and tired kids.  Caleb never gets tired of the adventure, but we headed home.  The journey home seemed MUCH LONGER than the one going there.  But we made it, making good memories and happy kids.

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