Thursday, December 20, 2007

Can you guess what it is?

The first shot of the next Gray baby. He was so cute in his ultrasound. Moving so much, opening and closing his mouth and moving his fingers all around; those 5 little fingers.

Well, we had the ultrasound this morning and the Gray name holds true. :) Caleb is sad that he is not getting a little sister, he was really hoping. This baby was quite the mover and he was also shy. The first few times the technician tried to determine the sex the baby either had his legs crossed, had his hand covering the view or he was rolling around too much. But finally the technician looked 2 times and said it was a boy and then the doctor also checked and he said it was a boy. I am glad. Of course I would have been happy with a girl, but I kind of know how boys work. I can do the soccer thing, the trucks and swords. Princesses and tea parties are not my speciality. The doctor said everything looked healthy with the baby and that he weighs a whopping 1/2 pound right now. See you in May, Baby Boy the Third.

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Jon said...

First of all congratulations Rob and Diedre. Second of all, Dave and Mindy, it looks like the female grandchildren are up to you. None of us have been able to figure them out.