Thursday, December 6, 2007

What is that thing?

Hello! I already told Dacia what this is but for everyone else Caleb is holding a crawdad in his picture from our last blog post. We were at Scofield at the end of the summer and we had just finished playing in the water. Some people were fishing for crawdads (a tiny lobster) off of our dock and I took Caleb over to show him what it looked like. There were 2-3 in the people's bucket so I reached and picked one up for Caleb and the other kids to see. Caleb got interested, fished for some on his own (the bait is appropriately hot dogs and raw chicken tied to a string) and then he wanted to see a crawdad again. I was talking to someone and out of the corner of my eye I saw Caleb reach into the bucket, which by this time had 20-25 crawdads, and pick up his own. What a brave kid! He did not worry about all those pinchers, he just wanted to see one for himself.
This was Caleb's other cool moment of the weekend at Scofield when he helped PA catch a fish and then proudly showed it off to us. What a cool kid!

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Jason said...

Wow Caleb! I still get freaked out by crawdads' claws...