Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CT Christmas


There, now. Wasn't that festive?!

Jackson was so excited to play Joseph in the Nativity at preschool. Cooper was recruited "day-of" to be a wise man (so much for years of study, awaiting the signs of the Birth. Coop was just following the crowd).

We had heaps o' fun decorating the gingerbread house. Jon even tried to get fancy with the icing by trying a "pattern" but it was nixed because it ended up looking like a snowman pooped in front of the house. Good one and mental note for next year...

We thought the kids already had plenty of toys. After all the loot was opened on Christmas Day, toys for 5 years. That outta 'bout work out. Next year I think we'll give them an empty fridge box. They should have plenty of fun w/ that, yeah?

Piece out, homies. Jon

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Dacia said...

So fun to see baby Douglas. Already so big. Looks like you had a fun Christmas. Love you!