Sunday, February 24, 2008

Half a mind

What a relief! I've finally finished the series 7 and 63 FINRA exams! Now that is out of the way, I can get down and do some serious blogging...

Things are going well here on the Jason Gray family front. The boys are over their colds, and Spencer is over his bronchitis. Spencer is rolling around like crazy, and now army crawling using his elbows and toes to inch toward whatever it is he wants at the moment. He is also becoming very forceful in his opinions. Jon-Jon is coming up with some crazy stuff recently. A few nights ago, they were getting ready for bed, and Jonah said to Jon-Jon, "You're out of your mind!" To which Jon-Jon's rejoinder was: "I'm not out of my mind! I'm half in my mind, and half out of my mind!!"

It snowed today, again. I absolutely cannot wait until June and Carlsbad/San Diego!!



Heidi Mae said...

Why is it that when kids laugh hard they get the hiccups? Jackson and Cooper both still do it!!
Cute video and Congrats on being done Jason! That's got to feel soooo good.

Heidi Mae said...

By the way...I don't remember those orange chairs. When did you guys get them?

Dave said...

What a relief to be done with that test, eh? I've got a big one in a few days as well. We love seeing the pictures and videos, keep 'em coming and we'll update soon, I promise!

Rob said...

Hallelujah Jason! . . . and congratulations! So, can you be my stock broker now?

I am nervous about my tests. I signed up to begin taking them today. AAAAA!