Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The pregnant lady

Just an update about Diedre, I am still here and alive. :) I am pregnant which means I feel fat, look it too, and wish I had more gumption to go work out more often. I have eaten so much more sugar this pregnancy than at any other time, it is horrible!
Our fridge situation remains the same. I have tried to recognize the blessings of all this. It happened in the winter so that I can keep my food cold outside and not lose it all and it will give me a great opportunity to clean the fridge and have it be shiny clean. However, running out to the garage every time we want to eat is slightly annoying and having the milk sit outside the back door in the snow is slightly amusing. Peter saw his cup sitting out there today and demanded I bring it back in. :)
We have Peter's birthday party on Saturday, he turns 2 on Monday. He loves hearing any happy birthday song and I put a graphic of balloons on my phone and he knows it is for his birthday. We have the party planned for our house so hopefully we get the fridge up and running by Friday evening so I can go shopping for food for the guests. :) Should be fun. Talk to you all later!


Jason said...

That is so funny about Peter seeing his cup outside and demanding it be brought back in!! So cute!

Heidi Mae said...

good to hear you're surviving. Sorry about your fridge, and computer, and ipod. When are you due Diedre?
Keep us updated. We love hearing from all of you, especially being this far away. Makes us feel like we're still apart of your lives.

Rob said...

I'm due May 23rd; Or thereabouts. Sometimes it feels so close but this week it feels like I will be huge before May gets here. :)