Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Fun

The boys loved these.

Family tradition. Every year Jonathan's valentine card from the boys has their hands. I've done this since Jackson's first Valentines. It's pretty cool to go back and see how they've grown.

This jello's messy!! He kept saying, "napkin?"

Jackson was very proud of his valentine card he made for daddy

3 1/2 months!!!

Happy late Valentine's day everyone!! Just thought I'd post a few pics of our fun on Valentine's. We had a candlelit dinner of almost all red food! So festive...I know. Spaghetti, red jello hearts, fresh strawberries, and green beans. I know I know but red veggies...come on.

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Jason said...

How fun! I love the valentine traditions! Ours was pretty low-key this year...