Thursday, August 28, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

Today was the first day of school, and I've been dreading this day since reading Melyssa's post about Paige going to school. I cried reading about her leaving!! So all week I've been sad about Jackson's first day. Don't get me wrong I'm happy too, just sad that he's already old enough to be going to school.

Jackson's been talking about the first day for the last week. He's been really excited and asking lots of questions. We were able to go to orientation on Monday where they gave us a tour of the school, answered questions, we got to go thru the lunch line and get a snack, color names tags and pictures and what not. He liked it and that only gave him more to talk about. He must be his mother's son because he never shuts up!!! That kid talks 24/7.

Today he woke up and got dressed in his outfit we had picked out the night before. Came right downstairs and got his shoes on. I've never had him listen so well. Never had to ask him twice to do something. We drove over to the new house and he and I walked to school (two blocks away), while dad and brothers waited at the house for the appliances to show up. His class lined up out infront of school then they walked in and sat down in their seats. That's when all the parents said good-bye. I thought I was going to cry a few times throughout the morning, but I'm proud to say, I never did! I don't know if I'm too overwhelmed with the move, or if I've just mentally prepared for it since Melyssa's blog. Anyway, the rest of my day was full of house stuff and I went and picked Jackson up that afternoon. (yes kindergarten is all day here) (long day for these little guys)

Jackson had a lot of fun! He said they learned about months and the weather. He was proud of how high he climbed up on the jungle gym during recess and then slide down the pole. He drew a picture of he and I walking to school and brought it home for me. And he can't understand why he has to go back tomorrow. He still thinks he's on preschool schedule of every other day. Well this may take some getting used to.:) But all in all it was a great first day!!


Rob said...

Yeah Jackson! Way to go! Especially all day long. Wow, I bet he was tuckered out after all was said and done. Good for you kid! -Diedre

El Steve-O said...

Oh, the first days of school! I hope Jackson does well with everything. He'll do great!