Sunday, November 2, 2008

Clam Bake!

Yesterday was Mindy's office Clambake! It was fun and Dave got to meet many of Mindy's co-workers. We were some of the first to arrive and as things were still getting set up. We decided to play a little Corn Hole. Now, for those of you not in Ohio, Corn Hole is like the State past-time here. Everyone plays it, young and old. Not only is if fun for the kids, but for work parties too! Unfortunately, if you don't grow up playing it, you are at a great disadvantage when you play the native Ohioans. But it's still fun. Essentially, Corn hole is a lot like horseshoes, except you throw bean bags onto a wood board with a hole in it. Scoring is three points if the bag goes in the hole, one if it stays on the board. Here's a pic of a Corn hole board (and if you'll notice, it's even painted like the Ohio state flag):

The food was also great. First there was the best clam chowder ever, followed by some great BBQ chicken, sides, and of course, clams. Neither one of us had ever been to a clambake before, so it was an interesting experience. But the clams were good, despite the few gritty bites.

Oh, and the office also hired a card magician. He's a local guy named Rick Smith, Jr. and he's pretty amazing. He holds the world record for throwing a playing card the farthest (and fastest) at over 216 feet (and 92 mph). He also did some other great magic stuff for the kids, but his card throwing was the coolest part. We found a video on YouTube of him so you can see what we mean. He demonstrated the produce slicing for need for a knife! Just have a deck of cards handy.

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Jon said...

The coolest part about this is that you kept saying Corn Hole. Does that mean if you're the #1 Corn Holer in Ohio you're The Corn Hole Champion Buckeye?