Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Spiderman duo! Caleb is the King of Trick-O-Treating; he could not wait for Jonah and Jonathon to get to Granny's house and just had to get out there and start knocking. Peter was excited to go but was not as enthused as Caleb. Caleb was at least a house or 2 ahead of Peter the whole way. Then J & J came and the boys continued their haunting. :) It was fun!And here is the spider, he was great. I was worried that he would get cold but nope. Although there was a slight wind and small rain drops it was nice weather. Not too good for the Spiderman duo, I made them wear thermals and an extra shirt under that costume. By the time Caleb got back to Granny's house he was rosy cheeked and panting. :)And did you know that we have LARGE trees in our front yard? Yes, that is a lot of leaves and unfortunately only half of those fit in our green waste garbage can. So, we have two more weeks worth of leaves lying on our lawn and still more in the tree waiting to fall. But boy to these boys enjoy the leaves. Sometimes I am so glad they have each other. You are wondering about those other times, aren't you? Those times of fighting yelling and friskiness can be forgotten for the moment. There were occasions today when these boys were so good with each other. This morning when they were paying transformers in a small tent/fort was great. The fact that the two of them could be in that small space together and not having issues was wonderful. Then they had a blast with the leaves. They built themselves another fort and had a heyday. Pretending they were fish in the ocean or monkeys in the jungle or; oh, I cannot remember all the things they were telling me. Just, keep the leaves coming mom! And then tonight they were filling up the wagon with leaves, giving each other rides in the wagon and working as a team. Can you imagine? Tackle/attack Peter working as a team with his brother. I know, crazy. And can you also imagine Peter pulling Caleb in the wagon? It was so cute and funny. I could see Caleb thinking, "could you go a little faster, please." But he didn't, he was a patient and good brother. I love these boys, thank heavens for these good moments. -Diedre

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Dacia said...

This looks similar to our leaves-except out pile was that big after we did the whole lawn. Amazin how many more you have to rake. Good luck with that! You will have strong arm muscles!