Monday, November 17, 2008

Jon's vacation

I'm impatient. I should probably wait until everything is done, but I can't. Besides, we don't know when we'll get around to finishing it now that Jonathan's back to work this week.

We loved having Jonathan home this last week! Not just because we got a new kitchen, but because we got to see him so much. Douglas is feeling his absence now. :( He LOVES his daddy. Gets so excited when he see him and many times prefers him to me.

As you can see, we got a lot done.

There's still a lot to do though. No that is not the actual countertop. We wanted to wait until everything was installed to get an exact measurement before ordering the counter. I'm not living without a sink for the next 3 weeks, so we got a piece of wood and just set the sink in it so we can still have a somewhat functional kitchen until the counters come in. Can you imagine cooking Thanksgiving dinner with no sink or counters of any sort? Yeah, me either.
There's also a lot of little things that need to be done. Like finish installing the knobs, baseboards, finish hanging that last shelf next to the microwave, cover the supports for the microwave with fascia, etc. But I think it's looking pretty darn good. Thanks honey for all your hard work!!! (and a thank you to one of Jon's co-workers, Chris, who spent all day Saturday helping Jonathan out)



Another thing we did this week was cut down a bunch of the bushes around the yard. Our entire front yard was surrounded by bushes. They made a nice barrier between the front yard and the sidewalk/street, but they weren't taken very good care of for awhile and have slowly started taking over our neighbors driveway and the front sidewalk. So when we decided to do the kitchen we thought it'd be a good idea to take advantage of having to get a dumpster and take out the bushes too. So when ordering the dumpster we tried to guess how much more room we'd need for the bushes. We guessed wrong. We got this dumpster,

but severely underestimated how many and how much room each of these suckers takes up (even cut into smaller pieces)(we ended up taking out 18 bushes and have probably 20 more to do). We decided we'd start with the side bushes to give our neighbor her driveway back. After finishing that row we realized that only 3 or more bushes would end up fitting. So we took out a few right infront of the house and had to call it good. There are still bushes all along the sidewalk, but we'll have to do those another time. Sorry to all those that can't fit on the sidewalk when walking by our house. Someday...someday.
Before we took out the bushes in front

After the bushes were hacked down

Before the side bushes got the axe


Just thought I'd throw that one in there for fun. :)

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Rob said...

Wow, that is quite the gutting project on the kitchen. Way to go, do-it-yourselfers! How do you like your yard without the bushes? Did you get all the stumps out too? When we pulled our bushes those stumps were tough! -Diedre