Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Clover Day!

Last night as I was at the gym contemplating all of the cleaning that I had to do when I went home I cannot lie, it was depressing me.  In my dreary thoughts it occurred to me that leprechauns could come to my rescue.  So, "Our Leprechaun" stayed up until 2:00 am cleaning and tidying the house, plus preparing a few surprises for the boys.  I know, leprechauns usually wreak havoc on a house, but our leprechaun wrote us a note stating that since our house was already pretty disorganized he decided to help us out and tidy up.  What a gem!  So, this morning Caleb was in his usual state of refusing to get up for school and did not want to get dressed.  I told him to come downstairs and see what the leprechaun had done.  In record time Caleb was dressed and headed downstairs.  The leprechaun had left clovers all over the house to show what he had done to tidy up and also where he left surprises for the boys.  They loved it.  Peter loved taking all the clovers off and keeping them and Caleb was excited to see what the leprechaun had done.  That tricky guy.  
The leprechaun left us these cute paper leprechauns that you choose and color the clothes/hat/shoes/hair and then put them all together.  Caleb and I had fun doing these together while the other two slept.
The leprechaun also left them some coloring pages and the boys all had fun with that.
Hey, our basil seeds (that I was sure Caleb had drowned out) even decided to sprout.  How cool to do it all on Clover Day.
Peter and I made a banner to welcome Clover Day and he was pretty excited that I actually said he could stand on the couch.
Our leprechaun had gotten out all of our green toys and played with them a bit.  The green army guys, cowboys and Indians and all the green cars and trucks.  Unfortunately he forgot about the green legos and green train set.  OOPS!
Then we had our clover hunt where if the boys find one of the lucky four leaf clovers they get a pot of gold.  
Peter found his and as you can see we doctor up his pot of gold (aka a cupcake with sprinkles).  He only eats the frosting and no cake so I put some M&Ms on there just to make the hunt worth it.
And Caleb found his clover plus the other two.  These boys had fun today and I must say that so did I.  I love planning and celebrating stuff.  It makes life fun to look forward to stuff.  Oh my goodness, I almost forgot about one of the most excited things the leprechaun did for the boys.  He hid a large amount of gold coins (plastic gold coins) all over the front and back yard.  The boys were in heaven running around the yard looking for the shining gold coins.  Peter was especially fun to watch because when he found one all by himself he was so proud and then he would give it to Caleb.  Happy Clover Day!


cbracken said...

You're the coolest mom/leprechaun I've ever heard of! HOW FUN!! These pictures and their delight was so great! HAPPY St. PATTY'S DAY!

Jason said...

Looks like too much fun! I love the clover day fete!