Monday, March 16, 2009


Sometimes I just need a good smack in the head to remind me of all I have.  I am posting this merely to document my feelings right now, more for me and less for anyone else.  For the past hour I have been feeling sorry for myself.  Baby is sick and crying for the last hour and a half.  Other two are patiently waiting for me to read to them and at the same time having fights every now and then.  House is a disaster with dishes up the wazoo and laundry out the ear.  Rob is always telling me he feels like he can never do anything right, and I have been looking at my life knowing I have not done much of anything right.  Then a friend from the ward calls with word that a missionary from the ward has been in a serious car accident and they do not know how serious it is or how he will do through the night.  SMACK IN THE HEAD!  We are being asked to pray for the Elder and his family that all will be okay.  Oh Diedre, how selfish and short sighted you are!  I have all three kids with me, my husband works harder than I could ever have asked him to, I have clothes, food, and a body that works.  I am thankful for small things.

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cbracken said...

Beautiful sentiments. It is perfectly normal to have days of being overwhelmed and bummed and tired and all of that! It is true - after losing my brother in a car accident I was stopped in my tracks to pay attention to what really matters. . .I think your St. Patty's Day shows you are doing a beautiful job! Your boys are all very lucky to have you in their lives :)