Friday, March 6, 2009

Kid update!

Here goes the update, from oldest to youngest with cute pictures included to let you know these boys are awesome!  
Caleb celebrated his 100th day of Kindergarten and each of the students had to make some sort of project that included 100 objects.  Caleb did a battle scene with 100 army guys.  Rob came up with the textured paper look and the mountain scene.  Caleb and I glued rocks down for rock wall forts and then Caleb told me who to glue where and who was alive and who was dead.  He even had a guy be smashed by a rock slide. :)  Rob and I heard him talking to his friends afterward and Caleb was heard saying, "You wanna know where to get them?  The dollar store." So cool.  Caleb had PTC last night and we walked out of there with two proud, beaming parents and one smart kid.  He is doing awesome!
And as for tooth central, another one has bit the dust.  I guess all of these first few teeth losings is kind of memorable and dramatic but I must say Caleb took the cake tonight.  I decided to take Caleb, Peter and William swimming at the pool just to have fun.  So, we signed Caleb up for T-Ball, paid for swimming (they even made me pay for William!  Hello!  All he does is sit on my lap!)  Anyway, there Caleb was, going down the super fast slide; having a blast.  I was hanging out with Peter and Will when I saw Caleb walking toward me with blood dripping from his mouth.  I figured it was probably the tooth and when he came to me he was clueless that he was bleeding.  I asked him to open his mouth and the little tooth was hanging by a thread.  But when Caleb saw the blood he sort of got worried.  He would not let me touch the tooth but instead the next time he opened his mouth the tooth popped out and I had no idea where it was.  I still remember scrambling to get the tiny speck of a tooth off the bottom of the swimming pool floor before it was swept away by some other kid.  Luckily I grabbed that tiny thing and we headed for the lifeguard to see if she had something to help the bleeding stop.  Caleb went into the lifeguard room and she put some gauze on the blood.  Caleb was doing fine so the lifeguard put his tooth in this cool Bio hazard bag and we got to bring that home as a souvenir from the pool.  Very nice.
Now Peter, he is doing good.  Still has his middle child moments but he is an awesome kid.  He is loving the warmer weather and has enjoyed the days when he does not have to wear a coat.  Yesterday it snowed and he came downstairs, looked outside and said that he hated the snow because it was so cold and he did not like being cold.  How true that is. :)  Caleb had Guess and Tell for the letter P this last week and so he took Peter for his Guess and Tell.  We combed Peter's hair very nicely, dressed him well, and he was excited to be Caleb's Guess and Tell.  But the minute he got in front of the class it was Mr. Shy Boy.  He would not look at anyone and he was all too happy to get out of that class.   

As for my Willy B, he is adorable!  He absolutely loves to be outside, crawling and being with his brothers!  Where ever they are he crawls for them, or an open door, or the bathroom, or the stairs, or if it is time to eat he crawls for the kitchen.

I think that he might just try to walk before he is one.  He loves to stand, as most kids do but he is so good at getting around things and pulling himself up onto nothing.  It is fun to watch.
And yes, we have reached that milestone where he is crawling up the stairs and loving it.  One day last week Peter asked me where Will was, I told him he was in the brown room and went about my business in the kitchen.  Well, I decided to go check on the little guy and this is what I found.  Half way up the stairs with no problems.  Oh, and he loves it.  Crawls for the stairs whenever the gate is not up and talks/laughs his way up each step.  Only problem is when he gets to the top he does not keep crawling, he immediately turns around.  Humm, we need to work on that. :)
Oh, and Rob and I are doing good.  Rob is busying studying for his last two tests.  Hoping that he passes each of them then he is done!  I am busying trying to help Caleb in school, keep the house from being a wreck and planning parties.  We love you all!


Heidi Mae said...

How big they're all getting!!! Fun to hear about everyone. Wish we could see you guys.

Dacia said...

Cute and Smart-sounds about right!! Way to go guys. And way to go Willie!

cbracken said...

I am always in awe of those little legs of babies pulling themselves up the stairs - they climb the mountains of life with such gusto! Congratulate Rob on being so close to this huge milestone! WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!