Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer, where have you gone?

I just read somewhere on the computer, "the last few weeks of summer" and it made me so bummed! How can it be coming to a close this soon? School starts this month! Ahhhh! I know Caleb and Peter will enjoy the new activity in life but I do not want to start the "school-time routine" already. I want to play and chill and do nothing more. My boys have enjoyed summer, I think. A couple of pictures:

Most of our summer has been Scofield and just messing around in the back yard with water or the boys playing this and that game with their toys. It seems like we have been having fun but now that school is almost here I feel this great need to make August even MORE FUN. How to do that? How can I make the most out of summer without spending a ton of money yet still treat my kids to the best?? I am just going to have to put my thinking cap on and do it quickly.

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Heidi Mae said...

I'm dreading the start of school too. Is peter starting preschool? When are you due again? One of the things I'm not looking forward to about school is getting Jackson there on time with a new baby in tow. Figuring out this timing is going to take some practice.