Monday, August 23, 2010

Counting down the days

Well, the days of no school are swiftly coming to an end. Sniff, sniff. Jonathan seems excited but Caleb wishes for more time off. :) So, over the last few days we have:

We met Caleb's new teacher for second grade, Spanish immersion. She is nice and bubbly. She just got home from her mission one year ago and will be a fun teacher for Caleb. I used to be this bubbly when I got home from my mission, motherhood just did something to all that uncontrollable cheer.
We had a back-to-school sleepover/party. The boys loved having time together, riding the motorcycles and jeep and just playing their games.
We took Jonah and Jonathan to Scofield this weekend for more partying. I am pretty sure they had fun together. They played A LOT in the lake. I almost ran out of dry, clean clothes for my kids. They loved sinking in the mud of the lake and they had a lot of fun on the raft. And although our cabin is on the smallish side they managed to play tag in the cabin and there were no major problems.

Finally, on Sunday we headed back a little early because Caleb wanted to take Jonathan to his cave. All of the boys enjoyed the small hike up to the cave and we discovered some smaller caves nestled into the main cave. It was very cool.
So, that is that. Any major activities are done. The only thing left to do is get these boys into the habit of going to bed earlier, and that may be the biggest challenge of all. :)


Jon said...

Awesome! Makes me sad our boys are not there to play with their cousins.

Dacia said...

We wish Jon and Heidimae were here to play too. Thanks Rob and Diedre for all the fun! My boys had a grand time!