Monday, February 14, 2011

Clapping on the Lights

I've told Dad about this, but we finally go this on video. Our front room light is on a Clapper because it has a floor switch to turn it on (and said switch is located behind the couch). Clappers are great and all, but they are often tripped on or off accidentally by flip-flops flapping down the stairs, guns in movies, or in this case, laughter.

Whenever the light goes off, Rachel drops whatever she's doing and tries to clap the light on just as she's seen us do.


Heidi Mae said...

So cute! But so sad we've never actually met her.

Rob said...

That was ADORABLE! Rachel, you are very cute!
-Unca Rob

Jason said...

Ha! Cutest thing I've seen all week! Isn't it amazing how intelligent they are? And at such a young age!