Monday, February 28, 2011

Attempting something new

Haley is trying her hand at rolling. Oh, I forgot that she can partially sit up too, but that is another tipsy story. Rolling is something she is really trying hard to get down. She rolled over a few weeks back but I am calling that a fluke. Today she really did it and almost went from back to front but was either too tired or her fists got in the way (aka she got distracted by sucking/eating her fists). I hope she is another roller, Peter was so cute when he rolled everywhere.

And for this attempt, well we are just giving it a shot. I am trying to have my own, small homeschooling experience here at home with the boys. Yes, I try to do things with them throughout the day, but I wanted something maybe more defined to help out in their education. In no way am I considering doing it full-time. I am not that organized! I am not saying that the education that Caleb receives is sub-par (well, I may be saying that in some small way). I am just trying to help all of my boys be more prepared for school, for future demands on their brains, and also spend maybe a little more focused time with them. Today's attempt was not smooth and perfect. Peter was obviously bored with sitting at this table and really bored with Caleb translating a book into Spanish. But we tried. Plus the fact that Miss Haley woke up 1 1/2 hours early and cried for a portion of the time on the floor is another bump in the road. But I still think it was good. Man, time flew quickly and I think they may have enjoyed certain parts of the "school day." After Caleb translated a portion of his book he said he was tired, I think that really taxed his brain. There is also so much more I would love to try and study with them but the time is just not there. Sure, if I had them home with me all the time I could do it. But it is good for Caleb to get out of the house for school. And they need time to just play together, but I would love to try and focus on other things with them. If only I could get Haley converted to this schedule thing and figure out how to focus on each boy individually without the other two causing a ruckus... ahhh, if only fairy tales really came true. :) We are going to give this partial homeschooling thing a try and come out of it feeling smarter and better.

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Jason said...

Good luck with the homeschooling! I would love to do that with our kids. If I didn't have to work I would! (Maybe)