Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Haley the baker

Above photo courtesy of Peter

Today I needed to make some bread to eat for this week and William and Peter were willing to help, so was Haley. I strapped her into the carrier (I love that thing) and we were all set. They were all great helpers. Peter and William love to add ingredients to the bowl and stir everything together. And Haley was happy to hang out and watch everything, she especially liked the motion of kneading the bread. Peter helped keep things clean, William enjoyed playing in the piles of flour on the counter then pushing them off onto the floor (shaking of the head), and Haley got into the action by having her feet covered in flour. The best part about it all, the bread tasted great! Not heavy and dense, not flat and hard, it was light and bread like. The only problem, homemade bread never lasts long enough. We cut into one loaf for dinner tonight and there is only 1/4 of it left. Caleb LOVES bread! Caleb also loves homemade tortillas for quesadillas. Too bad that making tortillas at home does not go nearly as fast or easy as bread. Cafe Rio would never hire me, I am far too slow at making my tortillas, and they are never a circular shape. But Caleb prefers homemade tortillas to store bought so that will be our next cooking adventure.

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Jason said...

I love bread! Was Haley kneading the bread with her feet? Kind of like the grape-mashers for wine...That Willie-sounds just like Spencer. Loves to play with baking goods!